Partnerships and Engagement

Partnerships and engagement with corporates and others can help you in your responsible investment journey to further your mission and charitable purposes.  

Ethical sponsorship and/or donations policy

If you are a fundraising charity you can create or review your ethical sponsorship or donations policy for corporate or other sponsorships and donations. The policy should be there to ensure that you only receive funding from companies and individuals that meet your ethical criteria and that you would be happy for the public to know about. 

Engagement activities

There are a few different ways to get involved in engagements aimed at improving corporate behaviour or influencing responsible investment and business practice in some way.  

  • If your charity makes investments, you can use your power as a shareholder to influence company behaviour.  
  • You can talk to your bank, employee pension provider or insurance provider about responsible investing practices 
  • You can join a responsible investing network to take part in collective engagement 

Joining responsible investing networks

Joining a network can be an effective way of increasing engagement to influence change, particularly in corporate companies. The collective nature of the engagement allows charities to create change together that they would be unlikely to be able to do alone.  

Some collective networks include: 

  • Becoming signatories of the UN-backed Principles of Responsible Investment 
  • Joining ShareAction’s Charities Responsible Investment Network (CRIN) 
  • Joining the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) 

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