Making your Journey Public

Charities who are further along their responsible investing journey should consider publicising the process that they went through. This can be extremely beneficial for other charities who are further behind in their responsible investment journey.  

What you could document

  • Your decision making process E.g. were decisions made by an investment committee? 
  • Where did you go for information and expertise? E.g. did you talk to any other charities? Were you advised by anyone with experience in responsible investing?  
  • Publishing relevant documents and how you went about writing them, including your investment policy.  
  • The elements of responsible investing that you have considered and the order in which you did this E.g. Your investments, bank accounts, employee pension funds  
  • Talk about what you will be doing next to maintain or enhance your responsible investing position.  

How you can document your journey

  • A blog or series of blogs. These could be written throughout your journey or retrospectively. They are a simple, accessible way to publicise your journey.  
  • An event or webinar. You could invite charities to an event or webinar where you discussed your journey in detail. This would have the benefit of allowing charities to ask questions specific to them.  
  • Be willing to talk about your experience one-on-one with other charities. You could state on your website that others are welcome to get in touch to learn more about your experience.  
  • Be a case study. If you are willing to be a case study for this website, get in touch with us and we would love to interview you.  

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