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Health and Wellbeing

If your charity works in a health-related field there are a range of issues that you may wish to select as the focus for positive screens, negative screens or engagement approaches. The issues given below are for discussion only and are not intended as recommendations.

You may wish to consider factors that can have an adverse impact on health such as tobacco, alcohol, pesticides or pollution. Depending upon the focus of your charity’s work you may wish to consider issues such as food production methods (including intensive farming and genetically modified food, the availability of medicines in developing countries and the marketing of breast milk substitutes.

It may be possible to consider whether companies are involved in the provision of ‘necessities of life’ such as healthcare services. Some charities may wish to positively screen such companies into investments.

The relevance of the above issues and the extent you wish to incorporate them into your investments will depend upon the mission and activities of your charity.

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