Charity Ethical Money Action Plan

The Charity Ethical Money Action Plan is intended to help charities and foundations navigate the process of establishing and implementing policies and processes which enable them to use the power of their money and their influence on the financial system to build a more sustainable world.

The Action Plan

We have identified four key areas for charities to consider: 

Portfolio & products 

Do you consider ethical, environmental and social factors when choosing where your money is invested and/or saved? 

  1. Do you have a responsible investment policy?Do you have a written, formal policy document which has been signed off by your trustee body?Do you ensure that the policy has been integrated by your investment managers and have you researched their ESG credentials more generally?Are you clear about who in your organisation is responsible for ensuring your policy is implemented?
  2. Have you extended your responsible investment considerations to your choice of other financial products such as your bank account, credit card and/or insurance policies? 
  3. Do you publish information about your investment holdings and other financial providers, explaining how they align with your policy and outlining any gaps or areas where you are working to improve the situation? 



Have you incorporated your organisation’s values and mission-related considerations into your choice of employee pension fund/s?     

  1. Have you researched the RI approach and ESG credentials of your pension fund/s?  
  2. Have you clarified your organisation’s investment beliefs on RI and discussed these with your pension provider 
  3. If your default fund does not incorporate ethical investment considerations, are your employees given an ethical self-select pension fund option? 
  4. Do you gather and incorporate your employees’ views on ethical, environmental and/or social factors related to the management of your chosen pension fund/s? 



Do you use your voice to help others, particularly your employees and supporters/members, understand that their finances can have a positive impact on society and the environment? 

  1. Have you considered how your employees, supporters/members or the public generally might act as investors or savers in ways that would benefit your mission? 
  2. Have you communicated your RI policy and position on other financial products to your employees and supporters/members? 
  3. Do you encourage your employees and supporters/members to consider how to support your mission through their own financial decisions? 



Do your partnerships, both with corporates and others, align with your values and ethics and help to further your overall mission and charitable purpose?   

  1. Do you have a written ethical sponsorship or donations policy with regards to your criteria for corporate or other sponsorships and donations? 
  2. Are you signatories of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment? Are you part of any other collaborative RI groups or networks such as ShareAction’s Charities Responsible Investment Network (CRIN) and/or the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF)?  
  3. Are you involved in any engagements (collaborative or otherwise) aimed at improving corporate behavior or influencing responsible investment and business practice in some way? 

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We are constantly looking for examples of what other charities and foundations have done regarding responsible investment and ethical money processes and decisions. Please do get in touch if you have experiences to share.