Tailored Advice for your Charity

The EIRIS Foundation is able to provide a certain level of support for free, depending on the nature of what is required. If the time commitment involved is high and particularly bespoke support is needed, we may have to charge a fee but we are happy to discuss this.

Our tailored support can help charities in a variety of ways, including:

  • A charity of any size that is unsure about where to begin with Responsible Investing
  • A charity who wants advice on introducing responsible investing to their investments, including support talking to trustees, writing an investment policy and working with your fund manager.
  • A charity who wants advice on switching existing products such as bank account, employee pension funds, credit cards.
  • A charity who wants advice on talking to financial professionals about responsible investing, including fund managers, bank managers and pension providers.
  • A charity experienced with Responsible Investing that wants to learn about how it could do more, including through publicising their experience.


If you would like support on any of the above or otherwise, please email Lisa Stonestreet: lisa.stonestreet@eirisfoundation.org

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